Perminator v3


Perminator is back!

After many weeks of feverish development aided by crappy weather, Perminator returns in the form of Perminator v3. This version is inspired by the original but is actually a rebuild from the ground up. A small cadre of motivated individuals has tested it and is hopeful that it will work for you. You will likely find bugs and have questions or concerns -- please direct them to

Perminator v3 does differ in a few important ways from the previous version:

  • Usernames are now email addresses. If you previously had a Perminator account, the email associated with that account is now your username.
  • The passwords associated with your old accounts did not make the transition to Perminator v3. To login into an existing account, go here to reset your password or use the 'Lost password' link on the Login page.
  • You'll need to submit a new annual waiver reflecting changes in the ownership of the permanents associated with SIR. This change is unrelated to the Perminator transition but Perminator v3 enforces it by clipping any waiver you had already filed for 2019. You can upload a new waiver here or via the My Annual Waivers link.
  • When you register for a permanent, you will no longer receive an email containing a control card, cue sheet, etc. You can access these materials in MY REGISTRATIONS.
  • Whether you finish or DNF a permanent, you *must* log the result via the 'Log Result' button in MY REGISTRATIONS. This is necessary to keep our commitments to RUSA.
  • Perminator v3 expects you to submit your card and receipts via scan or image -- just like you've done for your annual waivers for the last 3 years. This change has been made to eliminate a lot of the paper pushing associated with the permanents process and to align with upcoming EPP support. When you log your result, you'll be lead through the process of uploading your 'proof of passage'. The process is simple and straightforward.
If you don’t have an account, go here to create a new one or use the Sign Up link at the top left of this page.

Perminator is run as a volunteer project on behalf of the Seattle International Randonneurs.